Visibility and CONNECTEDNESS

Combining technology and transparent design.
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Life science design EDUCATES AND ALIGNS

Exploration. Experimentation. Rapid learnings and failures. Well planned and meticulously engineered, life science facilities align their mission with a productive work environment and technical excellence. Regardless of scientific designation, proper facility design acts as a catalyst for productivity.


Details matter. Life science facilities are distinct ecosystems supporting various stages of research and drug development. They are centered on timeliness, validity, and productivity. To ensure these results, environments are heavily customized requiring efficient preplanning and an adherence to regulations.

molecules, copper piping, solar panel, a lit match, red and blue gas, an air compressor, and HVAC tubes


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  • Responsive - supports present needs and accommodates future demand.
  • Designed for technology - specialized equipment and power loads.
  • Best management practices - optimizes processes for high efficiency equipment, temperature regulation, sanitization, industrial gas management, sanitation, water purity, fire and electrical protection.
  • Social environments - collaborative spaces foster the development approach.

Life Science IN ACTION

Designed for acceleration and empowering startups, ABI-LAB is a bio-incubator centered on fueling the genesis of early-stage companies.

  • Feasible cost, move-in ready, 800 - 4,000 sf private lab suites with the option to expand.
  • Infrastructure includes deionized water system, CO2 gas, removal system for lab wastewater, backup generator for critical equipment and various shared lab equipment from partners in the innovation lab.
  • Collaborative areas - conference rooms, kitchens, lounge and amenities foster a communal and high growth approach amongst tenants.
  • Technical consideration for redundant power, bench space efficiency and natural light result in a well-conditioned environment.
  • HVAC to support BL1 and BL2 applications.