The Design Build Difference

Time, talent and money are always valued. Design build is a project delivery method in which the entire construction project is managed from architectural design through final execution. The result is greater cost savings, increased time efficiencies and less risk.

The Traditional Method

The traditional method steps from start to finish

The Design Build Method

The design build method from start to finish

Market Demand

Graph showing increase of use and experience of Design Build

A great idea becomes THE CHOSEN METHOD

Timely delivery, communication, joint objectives, stable experience and cost – design build is rapidly becoming the chosen project delivery method. Design build is predicted to fulfill 45% of nonresidential construction through 2021. In the last  years alone, spending on design build as increased 42% to $228B.

Source: Design-Build Utilization Combined Market Study, FMI Corporation

The Process

Time, talent and money ARE ALWAYS VALUED

Design build is a project delivery method in which the entire project is managed from architecture through completion. Dacon identifies practitioners who possess the best expertise at an optimal price, thereby ensuring efficiencies in time and execution. Simultaneously we partner with the client, remaining in open communication throughout the process.

The three phases of project completion are design and plan,  engineering, and construction

A Higher Standard

Comparing design build to traditional and GMGC methods and it being show that design build is outranking in delivery methods

We are held to A HIGHER STANDARD

Focused execution. Disciplined costs. Design creativity. The goal of each project is optimal cost and innovative design at low risk. Amongst project delivery methods, design build ranked highest in financial, experiential and creative value.