Designed With Dignity

We believe that local organizations empower change and that positive change can transform the trajectory of a person’s life.

Designed With Dignity seeks to acknowledge, encourage and highlight the work of organizations that create measurable change.  Working at the intersection of activism, awareness and support, Designed With Dignity financially aids those brave enough to build long lasting impact.

Recent Giving Projects

Haverhill Promise

Through a collaborative fund, 850 children will be experiencing Haverhill’s first STEM literacy initiative designed for children 5-10 years to become jazzed on science.

Emmaus Incorporated

To mark the ground breaking of Monogram Foods, $15,000 was donated to Emmaus House to move 60 families out of shelters into their own homes.

Spark Kindness

Kindness is afoot with Jenny Sack running a road race to fund social awareness programs in elementary schools.

Edward’s Geodome Project

Fulfilling Edward’s desire to give something back to his school, we built a geodome 3D play space in Dover’s Chickering Elementary School in partnership with Make-A-Wish.