Designed With Dignity

We believe local organizations EMPOWER CHANGE.

Positive change can transform the trajectory of a person's life. Designed with Dignity seeks to acknowledge, encourage and highlight the work of organizations that create a measurable difference.  Working at the intersection of activism, awareness and support, Designed with Dignity financially aids those brave enough to build long-lasting impact. To date 16,620 lives have been enhanced by these programs.

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Recent Giving Projects

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill

Sharp minds – 180 teens received a $10k grant for a new digital arts studio in which they can learn technical skills in graphic design and animation for future careers.

Talking Information Center

Music is for everyone. As a radio reading service delivering arts performances and publications to the visually impaired, TIC broadcast a series of classical and pops concerts live from the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra.

Fiona's Little Food Pantry

Loving others, 7-year-old Fiona Sack's free-standing food pantry was stocked with nonperishable meal items and snacks for those in need.

Bridges to Work

Work gives purposefulness, inspiring individual identity and group accomplishment. The Bridges to Work program at Friendship Home received $5,000 for employment training and transportation to jobs for 56 members with intellectual and development disabilities.

Carmel Terrace Assisted Living

Senior residents ages 89-99 received a 6-month garden therapy program to learn about pollinators, herbs, flower arranging and healthy plant management from Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s mobile classroom.

Groundwork Lawrence

Tackling food sustainability, Groundwork Lawrence received a fund which provided 40 families with healthy cooking classes, food gift cards, 525 plants for community gardens and a stipend to winterize the greenhouse.

Kids Connect Inc.

Bright minds abound at this nonprofit afterschool tutoring program, which received $5,000 for program maintenance on behalf of Mike Cameron’s Boston Marathon run.

Spark Kindness

Kindness is afoot with Jenny Sack running the Boston Marathon, raising $5,815 to buy diversity and inclusion books for Natick's first Little Free Diversity Library.

Friendship Home, Inc.

Busy hands and joyful hearts – 50 individuals with developmental challenges were funded for a social recreation program entailing art lessons, dancing, outdoor recreation and cooking nights.

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Haverhill Promise

In honor of the groundbreaking for Edwards Vacuum, a collaborative fund was designed for 850 children to experience Haverhill’s first STEM literacy initiative.

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Edward’s Geodome Project

Fulfilling Edward’s desire to give something back to his school, a geodome was built as a 3D play space in collaboration with Make-A-Wish and Channel 5.

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Emmaus Incorporated

To mark the groundbreaking of Monogram Foods, a fund was created to transition 60 families out of shelters into their own homes.

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