Wentworth Selects Catherine Roden for Founders Scholarship
February 22, 2023

Wentworth Selects Catherine Roden for Founders Scholarship

Wentworth Institute of Technology has selected Catherine Roden (Cat) as the 2023 winner of Dacon’s Founders Scholarship. Established in the memory of 4 founding individuals – Dick Kuchinsky, Dennis Leahy, Ron Gagnon and Patricia Canelli – the scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate student focused in construction management or related field who exemplifies values in academic discipline and civic-mindedness. Preference is given to Eagle Scouts or Gold Star Girl Scouts and the applicant may renew the scholarship in subsequent years of enrollment.

Building achievement has been central to Cat’s life in rural Lebanon, NY. Her graduating class consisted of just 23 students, the majority of which didn’t have the opportunity for a collegiate education. Cat stands out not just amidst her high school colleagues but her family as well. Upon graduating in December, Cat will be the only person in her immediate family to attain a college education. Her father, whom she describes as “by far, one of the hardest working men I know” acted as her initial motivation to enter the field. Naturally adept at math and solving complex challenges, Cat knew she wanted to apply her strategic and analytical capabilities to building design. She serves as VP of the Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society and is a member of the Construction Management Club. Outside of the university curriculum, Cat is an avid outdoor athlete and enjoys teaching children skiing at a small, western Massachusetts resort. Upon graduating with a BS in Construction Management, she aspires to obtain a position in virtual design and construction within the Metro Boston area. “When Dacon began this scholarship in 2014, we sought individuals demonstrating a strength of character in personal integrity, self-discipline and a desire for a career within this industry,” said Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO. “Catherine is all of that, and we are excited to see what she accomplishes in the future.”


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