Unitex Continues Expansion into the MA Life Science Market
August 11, 2022

Unitex Continues Expansion into the MA Life Science Market

Unitex and Dacon have added 97,000 SF of production space to Unitex’s Lawrence facility in response to the vibrant market growth.  Focused on the life science and medical sectors, Unitex is the nation’s largest family-owned linen and uniform service provider to the health industry, with 13 locations in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and now Massachusetts.  The first phase - 90,000 SF for large-scale processing of bulk hospital / long-term care facility linens - was repurposed from the former Crown Holdings headquarters, a global beverage and food can manufacturer which had operated in Lawrence for more than 25 years.  This expansion is focused on the laundry processing of uniforms and supplies for ambulatory care/ outpatient medical facilities.  

Lawrence is Unitex’s first facility located in the Massachusetts market.  An immigrant success story rooted in the hospitality linen industry, this year marks Unitex’s 100th anniversary with Rob and David Potack as the 4th generation of family members to assume leadership.  The firm operates 365 days a year. Unitex’s strategy is based upon a green business model, investing in technology, operations, environmental quality and training focused on natural resource conservation. Operational results:

·       Waste heat reclamation yields gas savings equivalent to usage by 1,200+ households and electricity savings enough to power 200+ homes per year.  

·       Water technology reduces detergent use and excess water waste resulting in annual water savings equivalent to usage by 5,000homes.  

·       Detergents are composed of 100% organic chemicals.  In place of chlorine bleach, an oxygen-based, biodegradable cleansing agent is used to protect waterways and reduce linen damage.  

·       LED lighting, high-speed automation and infrared monitored dryer temperature controls contribute to electricity and gas savings.  

·       Ironing machines each have their own gas burner, making them 20% more efficient.  

·       Delivery trucks contain GPS telemetry and real-time tracking, resulting in efficient routing and reduction of fuel use and emissions.  Trucks are programmed to shutoff after 3 minutes of idling.  

·       Plastic recycling totals 1.5MM pounds each year.  


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