Monogram Foods, Paradigm Properties and Dacon Collaborate on New 135,000 SF Production Facility Forecasting 300 Jobs to Haverhill
April 29, 2021

Monogram Foods, Paradigm Properties and Dacon Collaborate on New 135,000 SF Production Facility Forecasting 300 Jobs to Haverhill

Expansion and innovation for a leading manufacturer of value-added food products within Haverhill's growing landscape.

Dacon Corporation has commenced construction on a 135,000 SF facility for Monogram Food Solutions, a leading manufacturer of value-added food products for their new location in Creek Brook Park, Haverhill, MA.  Founded in 2004, the Memphis-based Monogram has experienced a 620% sales rate increase, creating over 3,000 jobs and consistently placed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies each year. Monogram has plant and warehousing facilities in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Virginia and Wisconsin.  This is Monogram’s 3rd Massachusetts location.

Paradigm Properties is the owner and developer of the facility and this is Dacon’s second partnership with them in Haverhill.  Founded in 1997and headquartered in Boston with regional offices in Hartford, CT and Columbus, OH, Paradigm is a relationship-driven, investor/operator/developer of office and industrial property.  Paradigm owns over 3 million square feet of property in its markets and provides a range of services for third-party owners and clients. According to Kevin McCall, Paradigm’s Chief Executive Officer ‘We’re excited to get this project underway to support Monogram’s ambitious business plan growth for this region.  The combination of Dacon, Monogram and Paradigm is a focused team that will deliver in mid-2022 a state-of-the-art facility with 109,000SF of multi-temperature warehouse space coupled with a 26,000SF sandwich assembly area.’

Monogram bases its ethos and culture on client success through strategic partnerships, distributing products through grocery, quick serve and retail channels, for private labels and co-packed brands.  Central to their business model is nimble entrepreneurism as seen in quick responsivity in product innovation, private label, brand development and identifying consumer trends.  The portfolio entails 10 meat snack brands spanning hot dogs, sausages, beef jerky and bacon, along with 3licensed lines, most notably Butterball and Johnsonville.  Generating over $1 billion in sales, every business transaction is treated with the anticipation of creating a long-term relationship.  Their products are widely distributed across retail, convenience, club, food service, military and drug store channels.  Food safety is paramount for employee and customer health.  Despite its high growth, the firm has never experienced a product recall.

The facility is focused on optimizing production to meet consumer demand.  Six areas – freezer, cold storage, cool dock, dry goods storage, production and offices – are configured to accommodate 300employees.  Process engineering, critical for operational efficiency, includes a state-of-the-art ammonia refrigeration system.  Loading dock areas and parking have been configured to maximize a restricted site plan.  Says Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Paradigm and Monogram to build a facility supporting their meteoric rise and vibrant culture.’


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