Designed with Dignity Collaboration Wins Award
July 21, 2022

Designed with Dignity Collaboration Wins Award

Little kids. Big minds. Making STEM literacy available to all.

The Designed with Dignity program Scientific Foundations: 850 Children Receive STEM Literacy Program at Edwards Vacuum Groundbreaking, won a Grand Award prize in Apex's 34th annual awards competition. Created in collaboration with Edwards Vacuum, Marwick Associates, Equity Industrial Partners and the literacy foundation Haverhill Promise, the program offered Haverhill children lunch and a science class, along with a related book to take home. The Apex Awards is a competition for communications programs based on excellence in design content and overall communications.


Dacon’s Designed with Dignity philanthropy initiative was founded on the belief local organizations empower change and positive change can transform the trajectory of a person’s life.  DwD seeks to acknowledge, encourage and highlight the work of organizations that create a measurable difference.  Working at the intersection of activation, awareness and support, DwD financially aids those brave enough to build long lasting impact. Within the last year 1,165 lives have been enhanced by this program.


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