Traditional construction vs Design Build

Time, talent and money are always valued. Design build is a project delivery method in which the entire construction project is managed from architectural design through final execution. The result is greater cost savings, increased time efficiencies and less risk.
Composite of building materials, nails, stones, rebar


Acting as the client’s agent, the design builder manages the entire project from creative design until final construction. Using preexisting relationships the best pricing and talent is obtained for the client’s budget.

GMP Savings

Costs are safeguarded by the design builder through negotiations and a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). No additional money is spent unless a change order is requested. Any savings are returned to the client at the end of the project.


In traditional construction the owner manages architects, construction personnel and engineers daily thereby holding all the risk and responsibility for their execution.


Traditional construction exposes the owner to hidden costs, late deadlines and communicative failures. The result is increased expenses, misguided communications, greater project time and a need for additional talent.