Brandon J. Conforti

Project Coordinator – Architecture




Design conception and development, engineering coordination, construction administration, existing condition investigation and documentation.

Favorite Client Challenge

I worked on a project where we were renovating an old lab space into an office fit-out and the lab’s MEP systems were more advanced than what was required. Knowing that the existing mechanical equipment would be overkill, the client wanted to ramp down to accommodate the office. Through the design build approach we were able to calculate costs difference between ramping down versus replacing the entire system. Although replacement had more of an upfront cost, that cost would offset after 5 years due to yearly cost savings. Given the client had lined up a long-term lease agreement they would be able to save money on operating and maintenance costs every year.

Best Part of Design Build

Taking full responsibility for design and construction. Rather than two separate companies having to communicate between each other, design build allows the whole team to work collectively to solve issues allowing the process to become faster, cheaper and easier for the client.

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