AccuRounds, Inc.

Dacon was contracted to design and build a 17,800 SF expansion to an existing 26,000 SF facility located in Avon, MA. The conventional steel shelladdition consists of a membrane roof, an exterior insulated finish system (EIFS) facade on the front of the building, and insulated metal sandwich panel on the side and rear elevations. A 2,500 SF open corporate office area, adjacent to the new manufacturing floor area is constructed of drywall and six-foot-tall interior window walls that allows direct inclusion of the engineering team into the manufacturing process. The fully-sprinklered building has an expanded electrical service and is illuminated by energy-efficient T8 lighting.

A key component of the project was the relocation of AccuRounds’ engineering department and all of the high-precision manufacturing equipment. The preconstruction and design process involved a Lean review of the manufacturing process to ensure the final design allowed the utmost efficient manufacturing, engineering, and office layout.