PDA is Dacon’s design firm, giving both entities a unique advantage in the industry. Separately, we’re free to take on our own clients but by working together, PDA and Dacon provide an unbeatable combination for companies looking for an integrated design-build solution.

PDA’s team of commercial and industrial architects understands that every project is as unique as the client for whom it is being designed, with its own challenges, needs and goals. At PDA, our approach to architecture has an intellectual component that results in true value for our exterior and interior architecture clientele alike. We do more than just design a space for your business; we listen to your concerns and create solutions. We understand how to best take advantage of the design-build philosophy to ensure that our clients’ are happy with the final project.

We’re focused on architecture, and we’re committed to providing you with the absolute best in planning and programming services for your business. PDA’s staff of industrial and commercial architects does more than create an environment for the now; we’re constantly looking at ways to make sure that your business’s future needs are met, both aesthetically and from an engineering standpoint. At the same time, we understand that cost is a factor in many decisions and we work hard to help our clients achieve their goals within their budget.