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Bodek and Rhodes, Norton, MA

Paradigm Properties, NAI Hunneman, and Dacon recently expanded Bodek and Rhodes‘ existing distribution center into 209,000 square feet resulting in full occupancy of the building by Bodek and Rhodes. Bodek and Rhodes service the imprintable activewear market: screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products and uniform companies. The expansion space of 75,000 square feet required interior... read more »

Dacon’s affiliated architectural firm, PDA, designs UMaine’s research infrastructure.

Dacon’s sister architectural firm, PDA, designs UMaine’s research infrastructure that will lead to full scale forest-based biorefinery, using trees instead of oil to make fuel. The Forest Bioproducts Research Institute can now deliver on three promises: 1. Promote forest health for a stable bioeconomy 2. Understand and separate wood components 3. Create and commercialize... read more »

R&D – The Backbone of the Greater Boston Innovation Economy; Two New Dacon Success Stories

Why do so many scientific minds turn to Dacon for the design and construction of their facilities? The answer is simple, because our design/build delivery process best matches the scientific method: Plan-Do-Check-Act. Our most recent successes happen to be in the clean energy market — timely additions to a marketplace coming to grips with... read more »

AT LAST! A Facility Design Process Up to the Task of Tackling Your Greatest Challenges

Let’s get this straight. On top of all the challenges that the facility support services team faces to deliver clinical space; new, HUGE, variables have been added: Increased pressure to take COST OUT of the system and IMPROVE QUALITY. Paradigm shift to Patient Centered Care. A wave of physicians transitioning from private practice to... read more »

Dacon upgrades animal care facility for Pfizer's Andover Research Center

Dacon upgrades animal care facility for Pfizer’s Andover Research Center. Andover is strategically positioned as a fully integrated site, serving as a vital cog in both Pfizer’s WRD and Pfizer Global Supply network. Dacon worked with facility staff and scientists so as not to disturb clinical operations, all while delivering a project that meets FDA... read more »