Design-Build Mid-Year Market Review and Forecast

If you attended the 2013 SIOR/NAIOP Mid-Year Review Program on June 13, 2013 at Boston’s Westin Waterfront Hotel, you had to leave the event excited about all that is happening in eastern New England in the entire commercial, industrial, and residential marketplace. Every speaker had positive attitudes backed up by strong statistics. How long... read more »

R&D – The Backbone of the Greater Boston Innovation Economy; Two New Dacon Success Stories

Why do so many scientific minds turn to Dacon for the design and construction of their facilities? The answer is simple, because our design/build delivery process best matches the scientific method: Plan-Do-Check-Act. Our most recent successes happen to be in the clean energy market — timely additions to a marketplace coming to grips with... read more »

AT LAST! A Facility Design Process Up to the Task of Tackling Your Greatest Challenges

Let’s get this straight. On top of all the challenges that the facility support services team faces to deliver clinical space; new, HUGE, variables have been added: Increased pressure to take COST OUT of the system and IMPROVE QUALITY. Paradigm shift to Patient Centered Care. A wave of physicians transitioning from private practice to... read more »

2012 Design Build Suburban Commercial Market Review and Forecast

The commercial industrial suburban real estate market has been more active in the first half of 2012 than anytime since the 2008 financial crisis.  Locally based development firms as well as locally owned manufacturing firms have taken advantage of aggressive seller pricing and invested in vacant large industrial properties at significantly reduced prices.  Properties... read more »