The Richard Kuchinsky and Dennis Leahy Memorial Scholarship Fund

As president and CEO of Dacon and PDA, Richard Kuchinsky, AIA, had an unwavering commitment to achieve the highest level of quality and performance whether it was at work or at play, and he held the company and all who worked with him to that same high standard. His drive for providing a high quality design for each and every project at the lowest price possible was legendary in the industry. His enthusiasm and love for his work was contagious and he brought out the best in all those who knew him.

A Dacon client once said of Richard that “he was the roughest piece of silk,” a fair description of a widely respected man that was considered a role model for personal performance.

As vice president of Dacon Corporation since its founding in 1985, Dennis A. Leahy was responsible for all phases of project implementation. In 1999, Dennis became the director of safety for all construction activities. With Dennis at the helm, Dacon received industry recognition for its strong safety record and risk management procedures.

Before joining Dacon, Dennis served as a member of the U.S. Navy Seabees. His past experience likely contributed to a “can do” attitude that always resulted in the job getting done, getting done well, and getting done safely.

A Dacon superintendent said of Dennis: “He was one of the most knowledgeable persons I’ve ever known. He was always there to answer questions, was never condescending, and always a gentleman. He could look at a set of plans, and in minutes, know exactly what the job was. It was like a musician looking at sheet music and playing beautifully. Dennis had a gift.”

Both Richard and Dennis possessed unique and special gifts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank their families for sharing them and their extraordinary talents and friendships with us for so many years. They are truly missed.

Richard and Dennis both shared a deep commitment to the construction industry and a deep obligation to help students majoring in architecture and construction engineering understand the importance of a collaborative work environment. In memory of Richard Kuchinsky and Dennis Leahy, Dacon Corporation has established The Richard Kuchinsky and Dennis Leahy Memorial Scholarship Fund at Wentworth Institute of Technology.