Dacon, Expeditors and the Lucey Family Break Ground for Warehouse Storage/Distribution Center

Pictured (L-R): Jay Lynch, Facility Manager, Expeditors; Jon Turco, Ward Councilor, Ward 1, City of Peabody; Joe McDermott, Project Manager, Design & Construction, Expeditors; Mayor Edward Bettencourt, Jr., City of Peabody; Brian Carrabes, Northeast Regional Vice President, Expeditors; Tracy Peveri, District Manager, Expeditors; John M. Lucey, Operations Manager, 795 Jubilee Dr., LLC; Kevin Lucey, Managing Partner, 795 Jubilee Dr., LLC; Chuck Reilly, Vice President, DACON; John Bradshaw, Project Manager, DACON; Jenna Connors, Project Manager, Expeditors

Expeditors – a leading global logistics services provider and Fortune 500 company with $6B in revenue – broke ground with Dacon and project owners the Lucey family June 14th in Peabody, MA. This project encompasses a warehouse storage/distribution center totaling 141,000 square feet on 12 acres. Expeditors will also occupy 36,000 square feet of office space serving as their regional headquarters. Dacon was selected for this design/build project due to their transparent GMP process focusing on cost savings, value alternatives and risk minimization which enables clients to assume an integral role in the management process. This is the fifth project Dacon and the Lucey family have collaborated on and the fourth project Dacon has executed in Centennial Park. Building completion is scheduled for March, 2019.

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