Dacon + Wentworth Institute of Technology Co-Ops

Pictured: Debbie Rousseau and WIT President Zorica Pantić, E.E., Ph.D.

On February 15, 2018, Debbie Rousseau, Director of Human Resources at Dacon Corporation was honored to receive the Silver Award 2017 from Wentworth Institute of Technology Co-Ops + Careers for Dacon’s engagement in WIT Co-Ops + Career programs.

The award was based on Dacon’s support, commitment and engagement with Wentworth’s co-op students. The determining factors in being chosen for the award are based on the number of Wentworth co-ops hired, the number of co-ops posted, the number of full time students hired after graduation, and the number of times Dacon visited the Wentworth campus.

The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development provides students with the opportunities needed to turn theory into practice, and teach them how to find the co-ops and jobs that best serve their interests and skills. 

We are proud to be recognized by the Wentworth Institute of Technology Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development. We will continue to support the WIT Co-Op program because the students enjoy learning through project experience and teamwork. We provide a pleasant, professional and supportive environment so students can thrive and grow. We call that a win/win – turning theory into practice and providing students industry experience.

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