Dacon Corporation Completes Second Project for Koch Eye in Rhode Island

koch eye

Dacon Corporation, in conjunction with Claris Vision, LLC., completed another design/build project for Koch Eye Associates in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Dacon’s relationship began with Koch Eye in 2016 with a 6,500 SF Chapel View fit up in Cranston, RI. With a deep understanding of Koch Eye’s business model and facility needs, Dacon was a clear choice its Warwick facility.

Koch Eye, a CLARIS VISION® company founded in 1981 by Dr. Paul Koch, is one of the largest eye care practices on the East Coast. Each location provides comprehensive eye care as well as eye surgery services. To provide an added convenience for patients, the Warwick facility features an optical shop showcasing the latest eyewear.

Koch Eye needed an additional location to support its flourishing business. Although the new location at 615 Greenwich Avenue provided the perfect location for the expansion, the space needed renovations and refinements to meet the needs of its doctors and patients. Contracted on a design/build basis, Dacon collaborated with Claris Vision and Koch Eye to define the expectations and design a space that fit its specifications. This enabled the team to develop a schedule that met the required timeline without interfering with the lease requirements. Construction commenced in May 2017 and the fit up was completed by July 2017.

One of the greatest challenges of the project were the permitting delays. The additional time delays made the project timeline challenging, but Dacon worked furiously to meet the deadline. Following the start of construction, 12 hand sinks were added to the project scope. This created a unique challenge because it required extensive slab cutting, but could not delay the schedule any further. Part of Dacon’s planning strategy was to make room for any unforeseen issues or additions to the project scope. Because of the advanced project organization, Dacon acted quickly to ensure that the new sinks would be accommodated.

With experience in meeting tight deadlines, Dacon collaborated with the teams and provided guidance on how to fine-tune the schedule to ensure the project be completed on time. This required working more hours and weekends for project success and completion. Open communication is key, and proved to be beneficial for the teams on this project in meeting all needs and delivering on otherwise unattainable results. Using design/build processes from the start enabled Dacon to turn the initial 12-week schedule to eight weeks.

The construction of the Warwick facility was completed in July 2017, with the business running at full operation shortly thereafter. Dacon looks forward to future partnerships with Koch Eye.

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